What does Rich Girls offer you?

A new life – How would it be if you could be able to afford all the things you were dreaming about? To can go to all the places you wanted, to enjoy exotic holidays? Or to buy everything you want or attracts you when you see it in stores?

Going to your favorite restaurant without money being an impediment? Having your own house and your own car, to not you think with fear about tomorrow?

Being beautiful and admired and respected and appreciated every day? Working in a luxurious decor, surrounded by a wonderful team that does everything to make you feel as good as possible?

Our StudioCam Studios


The years spent in this industry define us as the most experienced videochat studio. Rich Girls Studios story began in 2001 and since then we have been doing the best for our models and for our international clients.


In over 17 years in this field, we grew up along with our clients, grew up with the technology and innovation around us.

Modern Technologies

We provide you the means through wich you can show off with your best qualities, and why not, to discover qualities that you did not even know that you actually own.


Rich Girls Studios believes that leadership is not only about the dimension and value of a certain business, but also about the avant-garde vision of videochat and its future.

Hiring Rich Girls models

Any girl can be a Rich Girl!


Rich Girls was named “Best International Cam Studio” at Lalexpo, one of the largest events in the industry, held in Cartagena, Colombia, and one of the top models of Rich Girls was named “Best Female Cam Model”.

There are two very important awards and we are proud of the international recognition of our cumulative efforts.

Also, 4 of the Rich Girls models have won the “Most Attractive Model” award at the Live Cam Awards, which took place in Mamaia, Constanta.

We have won the Best Cam Studio – Overall Award at YNOT 2017 and we hope we will continue to appreciate our involvement in this industry.



We have developed so far having in mind a very solid principle: the constant training of the staff is the secret of an increased productivity.


We are proud to have a large team of dedicated female trainers that provide permanent support and they stand by models.


Because our Webcam models have a star status in RichGirls studios, we have gathered the largest videochat team to support their development efforts in all regards.


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The experience in videochat is very important because it helps us to manage properly every single situation and to help our models cope with any circumstances so as to reach the top of our customers preferences.

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First Contact

All you have to do is contact us and come to a free discussion! We are one of the most serious cam studios.


Whether you want to be part of the Rich Girls Studios Team and be a model on the ADULT section or the NONADULT section, come and meet us.
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If you get involved, you are serious and want to become a Top model, in a very short time you will earn over $ 10,000 per month!


You can be an independent model that allows you to change your wardrobe every month, who has a whole collection of perfumes, allows you to go on vacation.


In the first month you have 100% of your earnings, and then you get 50% NET from your earnings, but with bonuses you can get up to 80%!


Rich Girls Studio - Bucharest

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Be a Rich Girls model and you will have the financial independency that you desire!

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