Rich evolution

Experience has helped us to adapt to members requests, to study their psychology and to be able to offer them almost everything they want. We have constantly adapted to the changes around us, both technological, sociological and psychological, and we have developed until became one of the most powerful cam studios on the market today.

Adaptability and vision have helped us maintain and grow constantly on a highly competitive market, so we can get to the top. The solid managerial principles and market knowledge have propelled us over the years, and so we have become an appreciated and respected studio at an international level.

We are the only video chat studio with a photo and video studio, with high-end equipment and we will help you get to the top in a very short time. It’s very important that the photos and the video teasers are taken by people with experience.

Rich vision

We are in a continuous development and absorption of information that will propel us to new heights in this industry. We do not perceive models as providers, but as equal partners, so we develop together and learn with them in order to become better and better.

Starting with a team of only 3 members 17 years ago, now we enjoy over 100 employees and consultants and the largest and most experienced team of trainers who ensure the evolution of our models and help them achieve performances and revenues of tens of thousands of dollars a month.

At Rich Girls Studios, you work with the best photographers and cameramen in the field and your portfolio will be extraordinary. Of course, this is an advantage that can help you earn even $10.000. It will help you get to the top in your first months of employment!

Be a Rich Girl!

You can change your life faster than you imagined and you can have everything you ever wanted. Along with us, you can develop on all levels! You can enjoy the desired look, due to the help of the best stylists and aestheticians who are at your disposal. You can improve your English language skills, as you will be trained by the best trainers!

You can make a lot of friends and build your self-confidence! You can earn more than you ever imagined through online conversations with our international members.

You can become your best version of yourself and you can enjoy a different social, professional, financial status! The only thing you have to do is to contact us in order to schedule an interview as soon as possible. It is up to you to completely change your life!

Flexible work hours, ideal for students

We wish that you have time for yourself and for faculty, so we offer you the possibility to make your schedule as you wish. You decide the working hours if you chose video chat hiring at Bucharest Rich Girls Studios!

You won’t encounter the problem of a fixed schedule, that you cannot change which would cause you to be always tired and make you feel uncomfortable. We offer you the possibility to spend your time as you desire.

If you’re a student, we can create a special schedule for you, so you can go to classes, so you can go out with your friends and have fun. It doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? Well, come and convince yourself.

Confidentiality, legality, seriousness

We work legally, all your revenue coming from the employment in video chat at Rich Girls are declared. We are serious and we expect the same thing from you. Confidentiality is very important to us.

Your personal data are safe, and Romania is banned! For us, legality means very much. We like transparency and we like to see you content because you get payed on time. If you choose to be a part of the Rich Girls Studios team, you should know that we only work legally and seriously. We like fair play and we hope that you do the same.

Being a model at the Rich Girls Studios means affording everything! You can be an independent model, that affords changing her clothes monthly, that has an entire collection of perfumes, that affords going in vacations or buying a car!