The biggest cam studios from Bucharest

The most luxurious rooms

We invest in quality and we offer our models the chance to work in the most luxurious backgrounds and with the best and newest equipment. The high quality HD cameras, the fairy tale backgrounds and performant computers are just a few of the advantages you have if you wish to become a Rich Girls Studios model.

All of us like a job which offers us a luxurious environment. You too. Well, the models that opt for a position at the Rich Girls Studios work in high quality, luxurious backgrounds, matching the demands of the partner websites.
You will love drinking your coffee with us, especially because you will feel like a princess in her own palace.

The professional cam team dedicated to your success

Star style

As a Rich Girls model, you get free 2d or 3d eyelashes and only a single flash is enough to instantly blow the mind of every single man. The fabulous eyelashes bring with them spectacular gains and your image will instantly transform.

As a Rich Girls model, you’ll also have a seductive manicure, because we have the best technicians who make with love your favorite nail models so you can be stylish and perfectly arranged every day of your life.

We are also the first videochat studio in Bucharest that owns a professional solar. Whether there’s summer or winter, we bring the sun instantly onto your face so that you can always enjoy a beautiful, tanned and glowing skin.

Free beauty services!

We have the best and the most experimented staff and it is our pleasure to take care of you and your image. You can look like a goddess every day. Why not feel beautiful if you have the chance and you are offered a lot of advantages that can help you be exactly how you always wanted?

Our make-up artist knows how to highlight your features, our hairdresser will make you look like a princess, our manicurist can barely wait to take care of your nails and our eyelash technician is anxious to highlight the beauty of your eyes.

Did you know that all these services are always available and free of charge? Well, this happens to every model that chooses Rich Girls Studios. You will convince yourself, we take care of our model’s image

“Rich” in amazing earnings

The average monthly revenue of our models is $5.000, but if you are smart, ambitious, serious and you learn from our video chat team how to become an appealing model, the earnings can double, even triple, until it’s hard for you to count your money.

Rich Girls Studio offers you the highest NET percent on the market of video chatting, as well as an English teacher and specialized trainers that can guide you in the business, so you can win more that you could ever expect.

The bonuses which we offer to the girls that opt for the video chat position at Rich Girls Studio are between $400 and $3.665, depending on the total revenue. Besides the hiring bonus that you receive at the beginning, you will also get monthly performance and fidelity bonuses. The Rich family supports you all the way, so you can become a success model, earning over $10.000!

FREE English lessons

If you don’t have a medium level in English, we offer you free courses with the best teachers.

FREE accommodation in luxury apartments

If you’re not from Bucharest or you just don’t have the financial possibility to pay the rent, we offer you free accommodation in luxury apartments. We offer you FREE rent! If you are a student and you wish to opt for video chat hiring at Rich Girls Bucharest, we offer you rent in luxury apartments. Why stay in student dorms when you can sleep in a luxurious place, close to the studio? Be a stylish student, be an independent student, be a Rich student!

Medical insurance at the best private clinic in Romania

You have insurance at the best private clinic in Romania and you can take advantage of this every day.

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