Answers to frequently asked questions about Rich Girls

If I come to the interview I have to give a test?

You will not have to give any test during the interview. The interview will consist of a free discussion with a person prepared to manage the interview. We will mainly pay attention to how you communicate. After the discussion, you will join us to take a tour of the Rich Girls studio in order to understand what our activity consists of, during which we will also answer your questions. We do not impose you a deadline regarding your answer after the interview, but it will only depend on you if you want to accept the job or not.

What is the work schedule within the studio?

You will have a flexible schedule with the possibility to work in shifts and to choose your shifts as you wish. You can work as long as you like, but it is advisable to have at least 40 hours a week in order to get good revenues.

I'm a student and I do not want to flank my exams. How do I proceed?

Many of your future colleagues are students, and we have never opposed to this. On the contrary, we offer you the opportunity to take leave in the session in order to get ready for exams. There is also the possibility to adapt your work schedule depending on the faculty program during the exam session and to spend fewer hours at work.

Do you have the option to provide accommodation?

Yes, we also have this option. We hold luxury suites for our models near the building where the studio is located. We will debate this aspect from the beginning, so that we can succeed your relocation in a timely manner.

What if the clothes in my wardrobe do not fit in this context?

At any job you would go, there is a period when you get accommodated and you see if you like it or not, if you stay there or you want to look for another job. We recommend you to come at first with a blouse from your wardrobe, one that you think it can highlight the best your body shape. Once you get some experience, the trainers will help you to dress in style, and Rich Girls will be able to finance you as to buy the clothes that fit you best and are the most comfortable for you.

What if I do not want the world to know what I do for a living?

We assure your privacy by several ways. First of all, you will not be featured on any site in Romania. Next, all your personal data will be secured. Profile or presentation photos will be taken and processed inside of the Rich Girls studio. The studio is located in an office building, without being signaled in any way.

How am I paid?

You will be paid twice a month, depending on the revenues you have earned. We are transparent, which means that you will be able to see at any time how many hours you have worked, what your revenues are and which is the commission you receive. The commission is 50% net (in hand). You will also receive various sorts of bonuses, such as holiday bonuses, bonuses for cashing, for performance, for loyalty and recommendations.

Can I choose between adult and non-adult section?

Yes, you will be able to choose in which section you will practice. But more details about these two sections you will receive when we will meet face to face.

If I choose the Adult section, am I bound to undress?

We want you to understand that nobody will force you to do something you do not want. It all depends on you, on the inhibitions you have and the way you like to communicate. If you manage to catch attention by communicating, outfits and smiling, then you will not have to do anything extra. It’s your decision when it is the proper moment to start using other methods.

What should I say to my family when they ask me which is my profession?

There are a lot of things which are said regarding the videochat activity, but you can convince yourself that many of them are pure fabulations. You will notice while the interview and during the tour through the Rich Girls studio that it is a job with integrity and also a job that offers many perspectives and challenges. You can tell the truth to your parents, it’s actually advisable to do it. Moreover, the amounts you can earn here surpass many of the jobs in our country.

I'm not 18 yet, but I want to work at Rich Girls. Is it possible?

We do not hire minors. After you have turned 18, you will be welcome in our studio.

Do I have to come to the studio or I can also work from home?

Given that our 16-years experience on the profile market has brought us also a very good status, we can only offer to our clients professionalism and quality services. If you choose to work from home, you will face the possibility not to have the best decor, to have an insecure network, to have outdated technological equipment. This is why we only hire models who want to work in videochat from Rich Girls studio location.

My boyfriend also wants to work in the videochat field. Is it possible?

We do not hire males, but there is the option of working in couple. Our recommendation for models is to work on their own, because the earnings are much higher.

I'm not very good at English, what do you recommend me?

You can try to come and work, but you will see that communication in this field is very important. However, if you have minimal knowledge, here you have the opportunity to improve them, always discussing with clients, who are foreigners. Not everyone knows how to speak English very well. You can also take English lessons and trainers will also help you to increase your level of English communication.

Can you tell me what is the legislation regulating videochat services?

Law 196/2003 on the prevention and combating of pornography and Law 496/2004 amending and completing the 196/2003 Law are the two laws that we respect and the ones that allow us to prove that we provide legal services and do not go beyond the law. Because we want to grow constantly, to win the trust of our partners and not to be discreditable or to have problems with the law, we assure you that everything we do is based on a legal framework. Perhaps there are some videochat studios that have leaks regarding this aspect, but this will not happen to Rich Girls. The contract we will clinch will contain a complete section regarding the obligations and rights of the parties.

What are the gains I could get if I work for Rich Girls?

We offer the chance to all new models in the Rich team to enjoy unlimited gains. From the very first month, you can overcome the amount of $ 2,000 helped by the team of dedicated trainers who are at your disposal from the very first day in order to teach you the best communication techniques. The English language level is also very important, but it is not a selection criterion. If you know how to converse in English, then you can only win. Physical appearance can help you, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

Do I have to be a professional model?

The videochat activity is based primarily on communication, on building a long lasting online relations, on taking member’s eye and on a beautiful smile. A beautiful body can be an asset, but it is not mandatory. Moreover, you can make use of our hairdressing salon, tanning solar, makeup, trainers, all in order to to improve your look.